How the Use of Health and Nutrition-Related Claims in Magazine Food Advertising Has Changed over Time

Jung Min Hahm, Hojoon Choi, and Chae Chung, “How the Use of Health and Nutrition-Related Claims in Magazine Food Advertising Has Changed over Time: A Longitudinal Content Analysis.” Accepted for presentation at the 2017 American Academy of Advertising Conference, Boston, MA.

Abstract: Using the health halo effect as a theoretical framework, this content analytic study examined how the use of nutrient-content, structure/function, and health claims in contemporary magazine food advertisements has changed over a period of five years and to what extent these claims have included natural claims. Findings include that nutrient-content claims were substantially more frequent than structure/function and health claims. However, natural claims were one of the major claim types to enhance perceived product healthiness. Our findings have implications for consumer product literacy and provide direction for future studies on food advertising and health issues.

Jung Min Hahm  DongWon Choi 

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