The socialization of journalism students into the profession

Hanusch, F., Hovden, J. F., …. Pjesivac, Ivanka. (May, 2017). The socialization of journalism students into the profession: Results from a global survey of journalism students. Panel to be presented at the Annual Conference of International Communication Association (ICA). San Diego, CA.

Abstract: This panel will provide a global and comparative analysis of the ways in which journalism students’ conceptions of their roles, job expectations, motivation for studying journalism, among others, are shaped during the course of their studies. Based on surveys with representative samples of students in 30 different countries, the panel participants map how journalism students’ views of the profession and their future role in it develop over the course of their studies. Specifically, the four key areas that our presenters will compare across countries are related to global patterns in background and recruitment, perceptions on journalistic roles, motivations for studying journalism, and job expectations.

Ivanka (Radovic) Pjesivac