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Mission Accomplished Keith Herndon

Tax incentives designed to lure film production away from California and New York have become commonplace in state legislatures across the country.  By 2009, at least 44 states had enacted tax incentives to reduce the costs of film production carried out in a specific state.  The programs are not without controversy as opponents argue they […]

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Understanding the effect of social television on TV branding Jhih-Syuan (Elaine) Lin

Abstract: Drawing on the uses and gratifications framework, a survey of 345 participants was conducted to examine the effect of viewers’ social TV usage on the development of program commitment and network loyalty. The results show that social TV participation is primary driven by social infotainment and social companionship motivations. However, only social infotainment significantly predicts the intensity of […]

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Rewards that Undermine Customer Loyalty Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn

Abstract: Based on the Self-Determination Theory, this study examined the effects of rewards on undermining customers’ intrinsic motivation to engage in loyalty programs. Two experiments revealed that participants who received a salient reward (with an explicit requirement, deadline, without the option of choice) reported lower intrinsic motivation to use the loyalty program than those who […]

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Advertising on Facebook Jung Min Hahm and Jooyoung Kim

Abstract: Facebook’s “Friends of connection” allows marketers to feature Facebookusers’ reactions (e.g., like) to brand-related contents and forward them to their Friends as advertising. The present study experimentally investigated the reaction transfer effect from a Facebook user’s reaction to the user’s friend focusing on the reaction intensity and the level of tie-strength between friends. The […]

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Partner vs. Servant DongWon Choi

Abstract: The current research examines the effect of perceived brand role (partner vs. servant) on consumer’s social distance and mental construal toward the brand. Results show that a partner brand leads individuals to have proximal social distance and a low level of construal compared to a servant brand. Moreover, the effect of brand role on […]

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Measuring the value of PR Michael Cacciatore and Juan Meng

Abstract: The measurement and evaluation of public relations has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most critical issues facing both practitioners and the PR industry as a whole. In this study, we seek to better understand the problems facing public relations leaders, focusing specifically on the issue of measurement as a method of demonstrating the value […]

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