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Important Tweets matter Kate Keib and Itai Himelboim

Abstract: This work looks at the intersection of emotion, content, and engagement when a topic of importance is discussed on social media. Based on a conceptual framework connecting the elements of social engagement – the content topic, the emotion used and the action taken – researchers used both content analysis and network analysis to study […]

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FRANK (scholar) Glen Nowak

Frank (scholar) is a one-day academic conference at the University of Florida. Thirty top scholars/researchers from various academic disciplines have been invited to this conference to focus on advancing the field of public interest communication.  The goals include building public interest communication as an academic field and fostering collaborations between researchers and practitioners. More information can […]

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Reshaping broadcast television Keith Herndon

Abstract: This work looks at the back story behind television broadcasting’s ability to maintain – even expand – its employment, while  newspaper publishing and radio broadcasting  have seen significant declines in employment.  We also explore how shifts in specific television broadcasting occupations reflect the effects of industry consolidation.

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More Than Just ‘Bad Blood’ Miscellaneous Grady Researchers

Abstract: In the summer of 2015, musical artists Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift got caught up in a “Twitter War” regarding the racial politics of the music industry. The feud came after Swift was nominated for a Video Music Award for video of the year, and Minaj was snubbed. In the media coverage of the […]

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Disabling Prejudice Welch Suggs and Jason Lee Guthrie

Abstract: Part of the goal of the International Paralympic Committee is to “touch the heart of all people for a more equitable society.” Images of athletes with permanent visible physical disabilities, it is thought by proponents of adaptive sports as well as marketers who use such athletes in campaigns, can change able-bodied people’ s impressions […]

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Using virtual pets to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in children Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn

Abstract: A virtual pet in the form of a mid-sized dog was developed based on the framework of social cognitive theory and tested as a vehicle for promoting fruit and vegetable (F&V) consumption in children. Three groups of children (N = 68) between the ages of 7-13 were studied: baseline (no treatment), computer only, and […]

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The Digital Patient Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn

Abstract: This chapter reviews the past and current trends of one particularly intriguing aspect of virtual worlds—virtual representations commonly known as avatars—in the context of health behavior change.  Despite the growing interest in the influence of virtual representations on health behaviors, there has been a surprising dearth of research exploring the use of virtual representations […]

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Building Trust Bryan H. Reber and Michael Cacciatore

Abstract: Trust is essential in dealing with publics. Since 2000, Edelman has measured what drives trust across organizations and countries, comparing the perceived importance of trust drivers between a group of developed economies and a group of emerging economies over a five-year timeframe. Overall, the longitudinal comparison from 2011 to 2015 examined which drivers — including […]

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Not Your Mother’s Video Game Shira Chess

Abstract: This essay analyzes the complicated role of motherhood in television commercials for video games, spanning several decades. Video game advertising, in particular, often features mother characters utilizing a kind of double-voicedness. On the one hand, they need to advertise in such a way that the primary target audience for the commercials – young males […]

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