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Uses and Gratifications of Social Networking Sites for Social Capital Joe Phua and Jihoon (Jay) Kim

Abstract: Applying uses and gratifications theory (UGT), this study examined users of four social networking sites (SNSs): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, and their influence on online bridging and bonding social capital. Results (N = 297) indicated that Snapchat users scored highest for passing time, sharing problems, and gaining social knowledge, while Instagram users scored […]

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Inseparable Duos Yen-I Lee, Yan Jin & Glen Nowak

Abstract: This study examined the effects of message framing and presentation in flu vaccine public service advertisements (PSAs) using a 2 (gain vs. loss) x 2 (image-based vs. text only presentation) between-subject experiment with a sample of U.S. college students (N = 122). The findings indicated that flu vaccine PSAs that utilized a gain-framed image-based […]

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Hybrid News Practices Jay Hamilton

Abstract: Because “mainstream” and “alternative” journalism are treated too often in discussions of digital journalism as separate spheres, comparatively less has been written about the insufficiency of positing separate spheres, despite the theoretical and empirical necessity of doing so. This chapter critiques separate spheres and theorizes hybrid news practices, in which features heretofore allocated into “mainstream” […]

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Parents’ Presumed Persuasion Knowledge of Children’s Advergames Nathaniel J. Evans

Abstract: Research indicates that parents have a limited understanding of advergames. This study examines the effects of advertising disclosures and cognitive load on parents’ activation of persuasion knowledge for a children’s advergame. While parents exposed to any advertising disclosure reported higher levels of persuasion knowledge, a single-modality disclosure resulted in more persuasion knowledge activation than […]

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The lure of rationality Michael Cacciatore

Abstract: Historically, science communication has been predicated on the assumption that ignorance is the basis of a lack of societal support for various issues in science and technology. This model, known as the knowledge deficit model of science communication, has led much of the subsequent research in the field to explore the concept of science literacy. […]

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When You See it You’ll S**t Bricks Shira Chess

Abstract: The scary stories we tell have meaning. The things that go bump in the night, the things we are terrified by, the monsters that creep under our beds and lurk outside our windows – those are the monsters that have both personal meaning and cultural relevance. Yet medium is also a factor that dictates […]

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It is hard to make them happy when they are full of hopes Hyejin Bang, DongWon Choi & Dooyeon Park

Abstract: Although previous context effect literatures have confirmed the mood congruence effect, this study attempts to examine the emotional blunting phenomenon that could possibly occurs between same valence emotions when the emotions have a different appraisal. Building on the Appraisal tendency framework and emotional blunting hypothesis, the current study examines how emotions elicited by a […]

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Track 2 Miscellaneous Grady Researchers

Abstract: Familial relationships, or lack thereof, are replayed through musical texts as the author reflects on her experience revealing her father’s alcoholism in previous autoethnographic research. Song lyrics are used as exploration and textual evidence to resituate the author in the experiences of her academic journey, and the same songs are used as means of […]

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Branded by the nation Miscellaneous Grady Researchers

Abstract: In late 2012, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez traveled to Cuba to receive cancer treatment. Chavez, a ubiquitous character since being elected into office in 1999, suddenly became absent from the public eye, and by late December 2012, strong rumors of his death had begun circling in the media. The Venezuelan government published several official […]

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