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Conceptualizing and Measuring Advertising Engagement Jooyoung Kim Read More
Welcome Or Not Yan Jin

Abstract: The current Syrian refugee crisis has resulted in millions of Syrians fleeing their homes in search of safety and hope for their families. This flow of refugees and asylum seekers has both led to humanitarian efforts to assist these refugees as well as increasing views of refugees as a threat to receiving countries’ security […]

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Getting the ‘Picture’ Out about Zika Yan Jin, Bartosz Wojdynski & Yen-I Lee

Abstract: Using a 2 (gain vs. loss message framing) x 2 (photo vs. infographic image type) x 3 (government vs. media vs. peer source)between-subjects experiment with a representative sample of 559 adults in the United States, this study examined the effects of message framing, image types, and source of Zika-focused messages on publics’ emotional responses […]

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Brands, Friends, & Viral Advertising Karen Whitehill King

Abstract: Advertisers worldwide are designing advertising with an eye toward viral activity particularly within social networking sites such as Facebook. Yet, little is known about the social processes at play when ads are shared. Taking a consumer-centric approach, this study investigates the social processes central to ads going viral within the Social Web. Conducting a national […]

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Self-categorization in sport Joe Phua

Abstract: The “Linsanity” phenomenon attracted an increase in attention toward the National Basketball Association (NBA) for a short period of time. Drawing on self-categorization theory to elucidate current literature on team identification, this research proposed a conceptual model delineating the social psychological process for international consumers during the phenomenon. Using an online survey with a convenience […]

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Explorations in Critical Studies of Advertising Jay Hamilton

Abstract: This volume provides a thoughtful and wide-ranging exploration of approaches to the critical study of advertising. Current and impending practices of advertising have in many ways exceeded the grasp of traditional modes of critique, due at least in part to their being formulated in very different historical conditions. To begin to address this lag, […]

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Curricular Change and Citizen-Centered Journalism Lee B. Becker

Abstract: This report examines eight journalism programs at universities in the United States that have made efforts to change their curricula to embrace citizens in a new way. As such, they are at least to some extent critical of what has been done in the past. And they are suggestive of what might be done […]

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Putting Disclosures to the Test Nathaniel J. Evans

Event information available at

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HPV Immunization Itai Himelboim

Link to presentation slides:

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