News vs. native advertising

Matt Carlson, Sophie Boerman, Bartosz Wojdynski, Tamar Lahav, Dorit Zimand Sheiner, Erik Knudsen, Raul Ferrer Conill, Corinna Lauerer, & Aviv Barnoy.  News vs. native advertising: Perspectives in journalism research. Accepted for presentation at the 67th annual International Communication Association (ICA) conference, San Diego, CA.

Abstract: This panel engages in a debate about native advertising contextualized within the boundaries of journalism. While this advertising format is not new, it accelerates the trend of blurring the boundaries between news and ads by producing commercial content that looks and feels like news. The capacity of native advertising to potentially alter how the public understands journalism, as well as to renegotiate the relationship between journalists and advertisers is a necessary discussion in journalism research.

Bartosz Wojdynski 

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Native Advertising

Abstract: Native advertising is a form of advertising that blends into the form and function of the digital environment in which it is placed (Campbell and Marks, 2015; FTC, 2015a, 2015b; IAB, 2013; Wojdynski and Evans, 2016). Similar in form to advertorials (Kim, Pasadeos and Barban, 2001; van Reijmersdal, Neijens, and Smit, 2005), native advertising […]

Bartosz Wojdynski
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