Communicating employee wellness plans to employees

Len-Ríos, M. E., Jun, H.(Grady PhD student), & Lee, Y.-I(Grady PhD student). (2017, March). Communicating employee wellness plans to employees: The effects of gain-loss framing and message source on intentions to enroll. Paper to be presented at the International Public Relations Research Conference, Orlando, FL.

Abstract: Fortune magazine publishes its list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For,” and its ranking formula for evaluating companies includes measures of “…overall job satisfaction,” as well as and evaluation of company “pay and benefits programs” (Fortune, n.d.). At many companies, a tangible benefit includes making employee wellness programs available to improve employee health. One problem with such programs, however, is that they may suffer from low enrollment when employers do not communicate effectively about the program and fail to provide support for their programs (Cook, 2016). The current study examines one aspect of these programs — how companies can optimally design messages to encourage employees to participate in company wellness programs.

Maria Len-Ríos 

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