McGill Medal
     2009 - Jerry Mitchell [pdf]
     2010 - Chauncey Bailey
      Project reporters:
          Thomas Peele
          Josh Richman
          Mary Fricker
          Bob Butler
     2011 - Current TV
          Laura Ling
          Euna Lee
     2012 - Rukmini Callimachi [pdf]
     2013 - Dorothy Parvaz [pdf]
     2014 - Glenn Greenwald [pdf]
     2015 - Kathy Gannon [pdf]
           Medal Presentation [video]
     2016 - Jason Rezaian [pdf]
     2017 - Daniel Berehulak [pdf]
     2018 - Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey
           Medal Presentation [video]

The McGill Medal for Journalistic Courage honors a working U.S. Journalist whose career has exemplified journalistic courage.

Nominate a journalist by using our simple, brief online form.
Nomination deadline is December 18, 2018.

The McGill Fellows, undergraduate and graduate students chosen for academic achievement, practical experience and leadership, make the selection.

For more information, contact Diane Murray at