Chronological list of previous lecturers

1979     Eugene Patterson, The St. Petersburg Times [pdf]

1980     Tom Wicker, The New York Times [pdf]

1981     Anthony Lewis, The New York Times [pdf]

1981     Tom Johnson, The Los Angeles Times [pdf]

1982     Robert Maynard, The Oakland Tribune [pdf]

1983     Katharine Graham, The Washington Post [pdf]

1984     John Seigenthaler, The Tennessean [pdf]

1985     Gene Roberts, The Philadelphia Inquirer

1986     Alvah Chapman, Knight Ridder

1988     Jack Nelson, The Los Angeles Times [pdf]

1989     Reg Murphy, The Baltimore Sun [pdf]

1990     Claude Sitton, The Raleigh News and Observer [pdf]

1991     Celestine Sibley, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution [pdf]

1992     Richard Oppel, The Charlotte Observer [pdf]

1993     David Lawrence, Jr., The Miami Herald

1994     Clarence Page, The Chicago Tribune [pdf]

1995     Helen Thomas, United Press International [pdf]

1996     Frank Deford, National Public Radio [pdf]

1996     Robin Wright, The Los Angeles Times [pdf]

1997     Robert J. Danzig, The Hearst Corporation [pdf]

1998     Jay Smith, Cox Newspapers, Inc. [pdf]

1999     Deborah Roberts, ABC News

2000     John Egerton, Journalist and Author [pdf]

2001     Cynthia Tucker, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution [pdf]

2002    Geneva Overholser, University of Missouri [pdf]

2003     Hodding Carter, III, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation [pdf]    

2005     Jerry Ceppos, Knight Ridder [pdf]  

2006     Leonard Pitts Jr., The Miami Herald [pdf

2007     Julia Wallace, The Atlanta Journal Constitution [pdf]  

2008     Hannah Allam, McClatchy Newspapers [pdf

2009     Martin Kaiser, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel [pdf]   [Vimeo]

2010     Paul Steiger, editor in chief, ProPublica. [pdf]  

2011     Jan Schaffer, executive director of J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism [pdf]  [Vimeo]

2012     Bill Adair, editor of PolitiFact [pdf]  [Vimeo]

2013      Christine Brennan, sports columnist for USA Today   [YouTube]

2014      Antonio Mora, host of Al Jazeera America's "Consider This,"   [YouTube]

2015      Kathy Gannon, Associated Press Special Regional Correspondent for Afghanistan and Pakistan [pdf]     [YouTube]   [flickr]

2016      David Armstrong, senior enterprise reporter for STAT [pdf]     [YouTube]

2017      2017 Souad Mekhennet, The Washington Post


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