Among her many activities, Jayda Hill is the founder and president of the Women in Media organization.

#GradyGrit: Meet Jayda Hill

Editor’s Note: #GradyGrit is a new series of profiles of Grady College students who show determination, leadership and outreach to the community. Search “#GradyGrit” on the Grady College website for additional profiles. 

Hometown: Ellenwood, Georgia 

Year: Junior  

Degree: Advertising major, Sports Management Minor, New Media Certificate

Activities and Involvement: Founder and president of Women in Media, Ad Club member, CURO participant, Her Campus UGA membership chair, Football Ambassador, Infusion Magazine Business Director, Wesley Ministry Diversity Outreach member  

Why did you choose Grady?     

Funny story, I first came into UGA as an English Pre-Law major as I aspired to become a lawyer. I always had my eye on Grady but shrugged it off because I was for sure that I would become a lawyer. Due to my hall mate having a mid-life crisis about her major at the beginning of the school year, I soon realized within my first month that being an English major or even going to law school was not for me. I started to explore my options when somebody mentioned to me about being a public relations major. I looked it up on the Grady website and fell in love with the idea as I enjoyed communications and being a creative person. I fell into advertising after my freshman year after being an Ad Camp Atlanta intern through the American Advertising Federation that former Grady employee Roxanna Gandía recommended me for and was exposed to all avenues of advertising. Once getting into the advertising program here in Grady, I knew it was fate for me to be in Grady … So many people in my cohort transferred from other colleges to come to Grady, and the best school in Georgia for my major was right in my backyard. 

How has Grady influenced your time at UGA?   

I give credit to Grady for giving me my first big-time leadership role on campus. During my sophomore year, I decided to start my own organization, Women in Media, for women in Grady after seeing how Terry College had resources and organization for their women. In the media world, even if it’s women-dominated, it’s still a man’s world as they are the main ones in leadership roles, and women are still fighting for equality and respect. I wanted my fellow women in Grady to feel prepared to conquer their desired career path. I am fortunate for our organization to be housed underneath Grady as it has given me a platform and allowed Women in Media to develop as an organization. I was nervous going into a role as president, but [it] has allowed me to grow in so many ways. Without Grady, Women in Media would not be in existence. 

“I give credit to Grady for giving me my first big-time leadership role on campus.” -Jayda Hill

Who has been your favorite instructor/class?  

Hands down, Kirsten Strausbaugh-Hutchinson who teaches Brand Storytelling in the AdPR department. Kristen gives so much support to her students and is our biggest advocate. She wants the best for us in our future careers and always gives out useful advice. There have been countless times this semester I have gone to her for advice about classes, study abroad, anything else related to Grady. We have talked about the latest advertising news, and she gives me support when my spirits are down. She is one of my first teachers in Grady and has set the bar high for my teachers following her. 

Jayda Hill (in yellow) was one of five Grady students to represent the college at the Multicultural Talent Pipeline conference.

What is your most memorable Grady experience?   

My most memorable Grady experience so far was meeting Ernie Johnson Jr. I had taken Dean Davis’ new class, Career Explorations, and we had guest speakers who had gone through Grady talking about their experiences. One of the days Ernie Johnson Jr. came to speak to our class. You could feel how engaged everyone was as he spoke. He taught us about “blackberry moments.” EJ believed that even when life gets busy and hectic to take time to appreciate the memories each day brings us. We all couldn’t get enough of him, so he bought everybody who wanted to hang back Jittery Joe’s and continue to spend another hour with us answering all our questions. That will be one of my blackberry moments for sure.   

What is your best advice for a student taking their first class at Grady College?  

Take advantage of every opportunity Grady throws at you whether its conferences, shadow days, mentorships, etc. You are going to learn far more outside of class getting hands-on experience and information than in actual classes. Your teachers are your biggest support system and want to see you succeed during your time at Grady and life after Grady. Enjoy every moment of it because you only have two years. 

Last show/favorite show you bingewatched? 

The last show I did a major binge-watch was “The Office.” I was finally able to watch all nine seasons this past summer. I totally ship Jim and Pam, and Phyllis is my favorite character.  

Favorite Athens restaurant  

My favorite Athens Restaurant is Pauley’s Crepe Bar. The fun atmosphere plus the food is a great environment to catch up with friends. My favorite off the menu Is the Southwestern Crepe.   

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?  

I am obsessed with podcasts. I used to find them boring and unappealing, but now I listen to two-three a week as they cover the topics I find interesting. One of my favorites right now is “Gals on The Go,” which is hosted by two YouTubers who are also UGA students and then “Small Doses with Amanda Seales” for all my insecure fans out there.  

Jittery Joes or Starbucks?  

Without a doubt, I am a certified green straw addict and a gold card member on the Starbucks app. Plus, the holiday drinks are finally out. Caramel Brulée me please! 

Create your own question to answer: Favorite UGA Dinning Hall?  

O-House. This is not up for debate.  


Date: November 13, 2018