“We are happy to see Grady College doing important work to take the research and ideas about building on trust and getting that out to institutions that may not otherwise have access to analysis and expertise.”

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Debbie and Richard Griffiths (photo: supplied)
Margaret Caruthers Ruppersburg (right) discussing the yearbook with longtime journalism professor Tyus Butler (ABJ ’35) and classmate Virginia Gatewood in the mid-1940s.

“We felt like one of the best ways we could honor our Mom was to give others the same opportunity she gave each of us – to study whatever we loved at the place she held so dear,” – Beth King on her family establishing the Margaret Ruppersburg scholarship.

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“Nothing gives me more satisfaction than being able to give and support organizations that I value and that provide real benefit to people.”

-Ashley McMaster (ABJ ’06)

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Kevin Maggiore helps future students fly high

“I am lucky to have spent my entire career in journalism. I hope this can help others have a head start in this business and hopefully do the same.”

-Kevin Maggiore (AJB’ 79)

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Grady Gratitude: Molding future travelers

“I was the beneficiary of the generosity of others while I was at Grady and I want to give back through my time, energy and money,”

– Will Ostick (ABJ ’88)

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Grady Gratitude: Offering a hand to those behind

“Today, in such a heated media climate, the college and its mission are more important than ever, and I’m happy to stay involved and give back when I can.”

– Carrie Gibson (ABJ’98)

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Grady Gratitude: Fueling creativity and marketability

“I do not think I would be where I am today without the support of my professors and classmates at Grady, so I give back as a ‘thank you’ for everything the school did for me while I was there.”    


— Callie Wamsley (ABJ ’14)

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Grady graduate Callie Wamsley (ABJ ’14)Grady graduate Callie Wamsley (ABJ ’14)

Scholarships empower students

“Knowing I had done really well in my classes made me proud, and it was meaningful to share that empowerment with my fellow graduates.”

— Gabrielle Cowand (ABJ ’17)

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People give to people

“It’s important to give back to the institution that gave me my career, and it’s a career I absolutely love,” Buttrick said. “When I give to Grady, it’s an emotional gift. It’s a gift that truly comes from the heart because they gave me the tools to build a business driven my passion.”

— Kelley Buttrick (ABJ ’94)

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I give out of loyalty

“I give to Grady College out of loyalty to my alma mater, and with the knowledge that alumni financial support goes beyond just the dollarscolleges that can show that a high percentage of their alums are donors (even at small amounts) have better chances for receiving grants and other large foundation support.”    


— Tucker Berta Sarkisian (ABJ ’00)

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It's a way to give a hand up to those behind us

Those who richly received should in turn ensure the well doesn’t go dry for the next generation,” said Henry Woodall of their decision to donate to Grady College. As I now walk beneath the high canopy of North Campus, I focus on helping to preserve the spirit of Grady in a manner that will inform the present and lead to the future.   We hope that our supporting opportunities for students to engage learning beyond the classroom will establish a pathway for a lifetime of learning.   

— Lynda and Henry (ABJ ’75) Woodall

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