Dr. Juan Meng

Director ADPR Choose China Maymester Program, Associate Professor, Public Relations

About: Dr. Meng’s teaching areas include public relations campaigns, research, management, and global PR. Her research focuses on leadership in public relations, measurement, trust, employee engagement, and reputation management. Dr. Meng also founded and directs UGA’s ADPR Choose China study abroad program.

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Ph.D., University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
M.S., University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
M.A., Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
B.S., Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Research Interests and Activities

Dr. Meng’s current research focuses on leadership in public relations, talent management and leadership development, trust in reputation management, and organizational culture and employee engagement. Dr. Meng has received more than $190,000 in funding grants to support her research in the past six years. She has published her research in leading scholarly journals such as Journal of Public Relations Research, Public Relations Review, Public Relations Journal, Journal of World Business, Journal of Communication Management, International Journal of Strategic Communication, Journal of Promotion Management, Leadership & Organization Development Journal, Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, among others. She has also contributed chapters to the SAGE Handbook of Public Relations and the Handbook of Communication and Corporate Reputation. Meng is the co-editor of the scholarly book, Public Relations Leaders as Sensemakers: A Global Study of Leadership in Public Relations and Communication Management. (Web link to the book: https://www.routledge.com/Public-Relations-Leaders-as-Sensemakers-A-Global-Study-of-Leadership-in/Berger-Meng/p/book/9780415710923)

Meng is a member of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), the International Communication Association (ICA), and the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS). She also serves on the editorial review board for the Journal of Public Relations Research and as reviewer for most leading communication, public relations, marketing, and management journals and conferences.

Consumer Responses Toward Cosmeceutical Advertising Jhih-Syuan (Elaine) Lin, Jooyoung Kim, Juan Meng & Hanyoung Kim

Abstract: consumers usually see cosmeceuticals (cosmetics+pharmaceuticals) as an ambiguous object and have ambivalent attitudes due to product benefits (positive) and potential side effects (negative), this study examines the interplay between regulatory focus and advertising claims in determining attitude change and purchase intentions toward cosmeceutical sunscreen products. The findings suggest that promotion-focused consumers respond more favorably […]

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Effects of source credibility via social media on the risk perception and purchase intention of American millennials towards genetically modified foods Juan Meng and Michael Cacciatore

Abstract: Source credibility has been an important area of research in persuasive communications for quite some time. In the risk communication literature, source cues have been found to impact both individual food risk perceptions and food purchase intentions (e.g., Frewer, Howard, Hedderley, & Shepherd, 1997; Phillips & Hallman, 2013). The rapid development of genetic engineering technology […]

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Preparing future communication leaders Juan Meng

Abstract: While there is an abundance of literature about Millennials as a unique and influential consumer group generally (Smith, 2012; Valentine & Powers, 2013), there is little research on Millennial public relations or communication professionals. As the largest workforce group in the U.S. (Pew Research Center, 2014), this generation has already generated substantial effects on […]

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What can we do beyond posting calorie counts Juan Meng

Abstract: By using Freeman’s (1984) stakeholder theory as the leading theoretical foundation, this research investigates how millennial consumers responds to corporate sustainability initiatives (CSIs) when making informed diet and healthy eating options. By conducting a series of focus group research, this research provides a detailed perspective of how millennial consumers have responded to companies’ sustainable marketing […]

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Information flow and leadership challenges Juan Meng and Michael Cacciatore

Abstract: How to effectively manage information flow continues presenting challenges for public relations practice, reflecting the magnitude and impact of a data-driven and strategy-oriented market environment globally. To echo this emerging global trend and identify effective responsive strategies, this study explores public relations practitioners’ perceptions on the impact of information flow and digital revolution on their […]

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The impact of trust on public relations practitioners’ job satisfaction Juan Meng

Abstract: In this study, we propose and conduct a moderated multiple mediation analysis to depict both direct and indirect effects of trust in organization on public relations practitioners’ job satisfaction. Using a national online survey of public relations practitioners in the U.S. (N = 838), our findings reveal significant results, suggesting that trust has a strong […]

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The Mediating effects of presumed influences on Taiwanese consumers’ skepticism toward celebrity endorsed advertising Juan Meng

Abstract: To explore Taiwanese consumers’ presumed influences of celebrity endorsed advertising, national media consumer panels were carried out to examine how the first-person and third-person perceptions would mediate the impacts of celebrity credibility on advertising skepticism. Results revealed that (a) the third-person perceptions did take place in the context of celebrity endorsed advertising, (b) all three […]

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Identify excellent features and situational factors in public health communication Juan Meng and Bryan H. Reber

Abstract: The study analyzes the award-winning campaigns from the National Public Health Information Coalition (NPHIC) from 2010 to 2012 and identifies excellent features that have been applied in promoting public health communication. By doing so, the research calls for an attention to integrate appropriate situational factors in message strategies to promote active health information seeking. The […]

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How are social media engagement and sociocultural factors related to early adolescents’ physical activity and sleep behaviors Juan Meng

Abstract: The current study adds to the literature by examining the impact of adolescents’ social media use and motivation for social media use on physical activity and sleep. In addition, we examine the contribution of other types of media use (i.e., TV use) to determine its relative impact on youth health outcomes. We conducted anational […]

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Measuring the value of PR Michael Cacciatore and Juan Meng

Abstract: The measurement and evaluation of public relations has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most critical issues facing both practitioners and the PR industry as a whole. In this study, we seek to better understand the problems facing public relations leaders, focusing specifically on the issue of measurement as a method of demonstrating the value […]

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Teaching Specialties

Dr. Meng’s teaching areas include public relations campaigns, management, research, global PR, integrated communications, and persuasion. Dr. Meng is also the founding director of UGA’s ADPR Choose China study abroad program. She leads the program since 2013 and takes students to Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong to learning global advertising and public relations in every Maymester. To know more about the program, please visit the program’s website: http://china-studyabroad.uga.edu


Prior to moving to the United States, she practiced communication in Shanghai for a few years, including being a journalist and editor at the Shanghai TV Network, correspondent in Xinhua News Agency (Shanghai Bureau), media relations specialist in Shanghai Media Group (SMG), and other strategic communication & marketing consulting service for various organizations. Before joining the faculty at Georgia, she was faculty at the University of Dayton and Oklahoma State University.

Awards and Fellowships

Dr. Meng has received multiple awards for teaching and research in public relations, including the Wilcox Award for Best Teaching Paper from AEJMC, the Red Raider Award from the Institute for Public Relations (IPR), and several top research paper awards from AEJMC, ICA and IPR.

Plank Scholar, the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations
Fellow, 2013-2014 UGA Teaching Academy Fellowship Program
Fellow, 2015-2016 UGA Service-Learning Fellowship Program

Meng, Juan
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