Dr. Jooyoung Kim

Executive Director, Business & Public Communication Fellows Program; Associate Professor, Advertising

About: Dr. Kim teaches advertising campaigns, advertising management, global advertising, and advertising research. Research foci are advertising engagement and brand communication.

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Ph.D., Mass Communication (Advertising), University of Florida
M.A., Integrated Marketing Communications, University of Colorado at Boulder
B.S., Economics, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, South Korea

Research Interests and Activities

Dr. Kim’s research focuses on the advertising theory and practice. His current research interests are advertising engagement, advertising integration effects, and consumer emotion. He has published his research in the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, International Journal of Advertising, Psychology & Marketing, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly among others. In addition, Dr. Kim has presented his research at numerous academic conferences.

The Effect of Brand-issue Fit on a Corporate Health-promotion Campaign Jooyoung Kim

Abstract: This study investigated the effect of perceived brand-issue fit on consumer responses to a health-promotion campaign, and advertising message strategy effects (elaborational vs. relational) on consumer responses under high and low brand-issue fit conditions. Results indicated that a campaign with high brand-issue fit, compared to a campaign with low brand-issue fit, elicited more favorable […]

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Consumer Responses Toward Cosmeceutical Advertising Jhih-Syuan (Elaine) Lin, Jooyoung Kim, Juan Meng & Hanyoung Kim

Abstract: consumers usually see cosmeceuticals (cosmetics+pharmaceuticals) as an ambiguous object and have ambivalent attitudes due to product benefits (positive) and potential side effects (negative), this study examines the interplay between regulatory focus and advertising claims in determining attitude change and purchase intentions toward cosmeceutical sunscreen products. The findings suggest that promotion-focused consumers respond more favorably […]

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Trends in the Use of Statistics in Major Advertising Journals Over Four Decades Jooyoung Kim

Abstract: Abstract: The use of statistical techniques in data-based articles appearing in the International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research and Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising was analyzed over four decade intervals (i.e., 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s) and by journal. Among the trends, the study found: (1) […]

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Conceptualizing and Measuring Advertising Engagement Jooyoung Kim Read More
Advertising on Facebook Jung Min Hahm and Jooyoung Kim

Abstract: Facebook’s “Friends of connection” allows marketers to feature Facebookusers’ reactions (e.g., like) to brand-related contents and forward them to their Friends as advertising. The present study experimentally investigated the reaction transfer effect from a Facebook user’s reaction to the user’s friend focusing on the reaction intensity and the level of tie-strength between friends. The […]

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Teaching Specialties

His primary teaching interests are advertising management, advertising campaigns, global advertising, advertising research and quantitative research methods.


Dr. Kim is a frequent speaker for several global companies in South Korea on various topics related to marketing and advertising. Prior to joining the Grady College, Dr. Kim taught at the Iowa State University.

Awards and Fellowships

Dr. Kim has received top paper awards at the American Academy of Advertising (2006) and Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (2001). Many student teams taught by Dr. Kim in his Advertising Campaigns course have won numerous national awards and prizes from Collegiate ECHO (sponsored by Direct Marketing Education Foundation, Direct Marketing Association) and InterAd (International Advertising Association) advertising competition.

Kim, JooYoung