DongWon Choi

PhD student, Graduate Studies
How the Use of Health and Nutrition-Related Claims in Magazine Food Advertising Has Changed over Time Jung Min Hahm and DongWon Choi

Abstract: Using the health halo effect as a theoretical framework, this content analytic study examined how the use of nutrient-content, structure/function, and health claims in contemporary magazine food advertisements has changed over a period of five years and to what extent these claims have included natural claims. Findings include that nutrient-content claims were substantially more […]

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Picture Perfect Kate Keib, Camila Espina, Yen-I Lee, Bartosz Wojdynski, Hyejin Bang & DongWon Choi

Abstract: Social media drives traffic to news, but little is known about how consumers make decisions about selecting and sharing this information. In a within-subjects eye-tracking experiment, this study examined the influence of image presence and valence on attention to and engagement with news stories on social media.  To be presented at the AEJMC national […]

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When do viewers share viral video advertising? DongWon Choi, Hyejin Bang, Bartosz Wojdynski, Yen-I Lee, Kate Keib & Camila Espina

Abstract: this study aims to examine the psychological mechanism in which the brand placement prominence influences consumers’ forwarding intention of viral video advertising, and to investigate the moderating role of brand disclosure timing. This study shows that the level of brand prominence in a viral video ad is an important factor influencing viewers’ forwarding intention […]

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It is hard to make them happy when they are full of hopes Hyejin Bang, DongWon Choi & Dooyeon Park

Abstract: Although previous context effect literatures have confirmed the mood congruence effect, this study attempts to examine the emotional blunting phenomenon that could possibly occurs between same valence emotions when the emotions have a different appraisal. Building on the Appraisal tendency framework and emotional blunting hypothesis, the current study examines how emotions elicited by a […]

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Partner vs. Servant DongWon Choi

Abstract: The current research examines the effect of perceived brand role (partner vs. servant) on consumer’s social distance and mental construal toward the brand. Results show that a partner brand leads individuals to have proximal social distance and a low level of construal compared to a servant brand. Moreover, the effect of brand role on […]

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Choi, DongWon