Dr. Bryan H. Reber

Department Head, C. Richard Yarbrough Professor in Crisis Communication Leadership, Public Relations

About: He teaches public relations, management, and writing. Research foci are public relations and health and crisis communication.

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Ph.D., Journalism, University of Missouri
M.S., Journalism, University of Kansas
B.A., Speech and Drama, Bethel College

Research Interests and Activities

Dr. Reber’s research focuses on public relations theory, practice and pedagogy.  He has published his research in the Journal of Public Relations Research, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Journal of Communication Management, and Newspaper Research Journal among others.  In addition, Dr. Reber has presented his research at numerous academic conferences.

Treading Troubled Water Yan Jin, Bryan H. Reber, LaShonda Eaddy & Camila Espina

Abstract: Institutional knowledge and collective learning are invaluable resources for the corporate communications profession.  How corporations and government agencies have historically communicated with publics provides historical parameters for developing public communication competencies and ethical standards.  Through the lens of organizational learning and historical analogy, this study examines public relations in the era of the Great […]

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Identify excellent features and situational factors in public health communication Juan Meng and Bryan H. Reber

Abstract: The study analyzes the award-winning campaigns from the National Public Health Information Coalition (NPHIC) from 2010 to 2012 and identifies excellent features that have been applied in promoting public health communication. By doing so, the research calls for an attention to integrate appropriate situational factors in message strategies to promote active health information seeking. The […]

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Yesterday is Tomorrow Yan Jin and Bryan H. Reber Read More
Building Trust on an International Scale Bryan H. Reber

Abstract: How to gain and build trust differs widely from country to country due to their specific cultural, political, economic and social backgrounds.  Communication experts need to take these factors into account when developing communication strategies around trust.  Insights into the concept of trust on an international scale have been provided by the Edelman Trust […]

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Communication and Trust Bryan H. Reber

Abstract: The concept of trust and how to measure it. How trust in organizations differs around the world. What communication professionals have to take into account.

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Ethical Obligations in Risk and Crisis Communication Bryan H. Reber

Abstract: When organizations face times of crisis or need to communicate risk to stakeholders, ethical dilemmas inevitably emerge. Communication must be quick and accurate, but often the attempt to achieve one comes at the expense of the other. Additionally, organizations face obligations of transparency, but to what point? Extensive revelation may at times be as […]

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Informing crisis communication preparation and response through network analysis Itai Himelboim, Bryan H. Reber & Yan Jin

Abstract: To test and elaborate as necessary the Social-Mediated Crisis Communication (SMCC) model’s key publics classifications (Liu et al., 2012) and to provide practical insight to public identification for crisis communication planning and response, this study uses network analysis to first identify clustered publics in airline Twitter networks –direct social media followers that are centered […]

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Building Trust Bryan H. Reber and Michael Cacciatore

Abstract: Trust is essential in dealing with publics. Since 2000, Edelman has measured what drives trust across organizations and countries, comparing the perceived importance of trust drivers between a group of developed economies and a group of emerging economies over a five-year timeframe. Overall, the longitudinal comparison from 2011 to 2015 examined which drivers — including […]

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The Payoff of Pro Bono Bryan H. Reber

Abstract: Still considering the not-for-profit realm, Justin Pettigrew, Abigail Jensen and Bryan Reber explore this world as it relates to public relations firms and pro bono clients. In The Payoff of Pro Bono: Conversations with Agency Principals, the authors scope out pro bono client selection and retention in agencies — an environment that is not […]

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Teaching Specialties

His primary teaching interests are public relations administration, public relations communication, and public relations campaigns.  He has also taught persuasion, campaign research and public opinion management on the graduate level.


Prior to joining the Grady College, Dr. Reber worked in public relations at Bethel College, Kansas.  He has conducted research and consulted for the University of Alabama, Alabama Entrepreneurial Research Network, Sierra Club, Ketchum, Missouri Public Service Commission, and others.  He taught at the University of Alabama immediately prior to joining the Grady faculty.

Awards and Fellowships

He received the Ketchum/Institute for Public Relations, Scientific Methods And Research Techniques (SMART) Grant/Internship in 1999.  He has received top paper awards at the International Communication Association (2001) and Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (2003, 2000).

Reber, Bryan
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