Requests to Reserve the Peyton Anderson Forum or Studio 100

Who may Reserve Studio 100 and the Peyton Anderson Forum?

Reservations may only be made by Grady College faculty and staff. Student group advisors must make reservation requests for their groups and must be present during all after hours’ events. Whoever makes the reservation is held responsible for the room (please see “Conditions of Use”). Reservations will be made on a first come-first served basis, but events may need to be rescheduled if circumstances demand it. If there are conflicting events for any of these spaces, the decision will be made in the Dean’s Office.

Reserving Studio 100

Most events should be scheduled in Studio 100. Studio 100 was returned to Grady College by the provost on the basis of our argument that we would fill it with activity. In order to reserve this room you must complete the Reservation Request Form and submit it to the room liaison, Cheryl Christopher ( Room 104-A.

Reserving the Peyton Anderson Forum (PAF)

The Peyton Anderson Forum is designed for student use and major college events. The impetus for Peyton Anderson was to create a student-centered work and collaboration space. Accordingly, it will only be closed for special events involving high-level guests and/or those that have college-wide interest. The Dean’s office will review requests. In order to reserve this room you must complete the Reservation Request Form and submit it to the room liaison, Thomas Alexander (THOMAS.ALEXANDER@UGA.EDU) Dean’s Office Room 237.

Conditions of Use for Studio 100 and Peyton Anderson Forum

Whoever has reserved one of these spaces is responsible for the following. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in revocation of use.

1.   Room Set Up: you must set the room up for your event. Following the event you must return the room to its designated set up. A set up diagram is posted in the room or may be obtained from the room’s liaison.

2.   Catering and Clean Up: you are required to make your catering arrangements and to clean up all trash after your event.

3.   IT and AV: All requests for assistance should be made at least 2 days in advance and directed to

4.   Building Security: you must contact the Business Office as soon as your reservation is confirmed to make lock and alarm arrangements.

SPECIAL NOTE: A faculty member or faculty advisor must be present throughout all after hour’s events. He or she is responsible for keys, arranging for the outer doors to be unlocked, returning the room to its original condition, clearing the floor of visitors, and locking up after the event.

SCHEDULING OTHER ROOMS WITHIN GRADY: There are rooms within the college that are scheduled by their departments or units. If you wish to schedule something in those rooms, please check with the following individuals.

•   Thomas Alexander (2-1704) is responsible for scheduling events in 205, 402 and 412.

•   Alison Alexander (2-1704) is responsible for scheduling any courses in the Studio 100 area including 108- the Media Monitoring Lab, as well as 205, 402 and 412. The departmental administrative assistants make these requests when courses are scheduled.

•   Sophie Barnes (2-4668) for JOUR classrooms

•   Cheryl Christopher (2-3785) for the Faherty Lab (room 118), 128 and TELE/EMST classrooms

•   Donna LeBlond (2-4971) for Room 203, the Yarbrough Lab, and ADPR classrooms

•   Anne Hurne (2-7833) for Room 409

•   Laurie Anglin (2-5798) for Room 411 (up to 8 people)